Al-Tawil: Israel tries to mess with the electoral scene

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Sheikh Jamal al-Tawil, a leader in Hamas, confirmed that the Israeli occupation tries to anticipate the results of the upcoming elections through a campaign of arrests and threats.

“My last arrest is a double threat to me and Hamas movement to tell us that our activities are watched,” al-Tawil stated in a press release after he was released yesterday. 

He mentioned that Israel wants to constitute the electoral scene as it planed, but the Palestinian people will not give up.

He confirmed that Hamas is stronger than being threatened by threat letters. It is a difficult number in the history of the Palestinian cause and a policy-making body.

He added,” we are above any threat. We will not give up, and will always be supporting the Palestinian cause until defeating Israel.”

Jamal al-Tawil is one of Hamas’s leaders in al-Beira. He is targeted by the Israeli occupation authorities as he was arrested several times, in a total of 14 years. 

The Israeli occupation forces recently launched a wide campaign of arrests in different regions of the West Bank and Jerusalem, which prolonged leaders in Hamas and ex-prisoners. 

It is scheduled to conduct the legislative and presidential elections via three levels to be the first for 15 years in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza. It is supposed start on the 22nd of May.

Source : Safa