Aboul Gheit warns of Israeli actions that would re-inflame the situation in Jerusalem

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Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary-General of Arab League, warned of Israel’s repressive actions against the Palestinians in Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods. 

Aboul Gheit said in a statement that Israel’s upcoming actions would re-inflame the situation in Jerusalem for reasons related to persons of parties. 

The statement confirmed that the mobilization of the extreme right-wing and the Israeli colonial groups which aim at provoking the Palestinians and clashing with them through organizing marches and protests lead to raise tension.

Aboul Gheit stated that this kind of action resulted in exploding the situations in all Palestine last May, accusing Israel of attempting to export its inner crisis to the Palestinian side. 

He said that he is following with deep concern Israel’s attempts of incitement against the Palestinians and the ongoing repressive actions in the Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem, headed by Sheikh Jarrah which is threatened with eviction and displacement. 

“The next phase requires showing responsibility and restraint to confirm the ceasefire instead of incitement to violence and suppressive actions.

He held the Israeli occupation government responsible for any possible deterioration in the current situations. 

Source : Safa