We Will Introduce $10 Billion Job Fund To Support Ghanaian Youths In Job Acquisition – LPG Presidential Candidate

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We Will Introduce $10 Billion Job Fund To Support Ghanaian Youths In Job Acquisition – LPG Presidential Candidate.

The founder of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) Mr. Kofi Akpaloo has revealed the plans of his political party to safeguard the youths of the country from rising unemployment situations when voted into power as president in the 2024 general elections.

Mr. Akpaloo speaking in an interview with Kwaku Mensah Abrampa, High Radio Morning Show host disclosed that the LPG will initiate a project called 10 billion dollar job fund which will seek to address the unemployment conditions in the country by supporting the youths who may be interested in the establishment of their own business financially which according to him will curb the rate of unemployment and underemployment problems within the country.


He has promised to financially support farmers to lessen their burden in the farming practices in Ghana therefore the citizenry must vote for him as the next president of Ghana and he will reduce the burden of the country and fix the economic challenges.

He explained that his Motto: (Sor Me Ha na Sor Me Ha) doesn’t have any negative meaning but rather it seeks to inform the general public about the need to ensure cooperate responsibility by using the thump to give him the presidential mandate where he also support the citizenry in achieving success in life.

He added the leading flag bearer of the NDC H. E John Dramani Mahama does not qualify to lead the country again due to the challenges and mess he sent Ghana into during his one term presidential opportunity. He said the era of John Mahama without Covid -19 and Russia -Ukrain war saw a very challenging economy with unbearable hardship hence he doesn’t qualify to lead the country again as president because when it happens, the country will retrogress rather than to progress.

He finally pleaded with the general public to end the duopoly in the political front of the country by giving chances to other parties to rule the country to see different ideas because NPP and NDC have ruled the country over several years but it seems no positive change has happened to the country therefore trying LPG will see a different form of governance which will facilitate the economic and social advancement of the country.


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