Very Sad! Blind Shoemaker Needs Help To Undergo Surgery

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29-year-old Shehu Ibrahim

29-year-old Shehu Ibrahim who was beaten during a fight in a ghetto that rendered him blind requires Fifteen Thousand Ghana cedis to undergo surgery to correct his sight.

He tells that life has been unfair to him since the last eighteen years he got on the streets. Ibrahim said his street life started when he was sent to live with his grandfather in Accra after the demise of his parents.
According to him, his granddad could not take care of him and life was difficult so he decided to hit the streets to survive.
He said he ended up on the streets of Kwame Nkrumah Circle in Accra carrying loads of passengers.
This menial job he said at least sustained him until a fight broke out in a faulty old train he used to sleep in with other homeless individuals.
The young man said he engaged in a fight during which he was hit in his eyes after he was accused of stealing his contender’s item.

He lost his sight in the process and since then he has been enduring starvation, rejection, and homelessness.

“I was 12 years old when I started street life. My family tried to get me educated but anytime they put me in school, I dropped out. Since the past eight years I got blind, life has been harsh,” he cried.

Ibrahim said he managed to learn shoe repair from a colleague who was also on the street and that has been his source of survival.

He indicated that he never returned to the hospital after he was told he could only see until he undergoes a corrective surgery that would cost him Fifteen Thousand Ghana cedis.

“My brother did not take me back to the hospital because he said he cannot afford the surgery. I want my sight back so I am saving to enable me to undergo the surgery. For now, I have saved Two Hundred and Fifty Ghana cedis. I want to save enough and then call for support,” he said.

Crime Check Foundation (CCF) gifted him Four Hundred Ghana cedis for his upkeep as it counts on the support of the general public to enable him to undergo the surgery.

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