US has launched 469 wars and interventions since 1798

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On March 8, 2022, the Congressional Research Service published a comprehensive report regarding US wars and military interventions around the world from 1798 to our time. It showed that in the period after 1991 until now, one can note 251 military interventions where the overwhelming majority consists of illegal use of force on the part of the United States.

The global war activity thus increased markedly when the “defense organization” NATO was established as the USA’s wolf pack. Whether the ongoing war against Russia in Ukraine is included in the list is not clear from the report. All these wars and interventions have cost many people their lives.

After several years of research, Professor James Lucas has concluded that the US’s war after the Second World War cost approx; 25 million people’s lives – then the destruction of houses and nature is added to unimaginable values.

But since it is the USA that, with the help of other NATO states, caused this, it is not interesting for the mass media to inform us about this, therefore we have not heard anything about the murder. It is only if the Russian bear behaves a little bear dust that the mass media let the hysteria get the better of them.

The Congressional Research Service is a US government agency that compiles information on behalf of Congress. The current document is entitled; “Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798 – 2022.”

The targets of US aggression are found everywhere on earth, but Africa and Latin America are overrepresented, and military interventions can also cover counties and regions. All this to maintain US hegemony, and world domination.

That ambition has become increasingly hysterical and gas-hugging after the fall of the Soviet Union. It is against this background that the war against Russia with Ukraine as the chosen theater of war must be seen. One of the USA’s foremost representatives, Carl Gershman, was able shortly after the USA’s coup d’état in Ukraine to proclaim, “Ukraine as the greatest trophy and an important step on the way to overthrowing Putin.”

The whole war could have been avoided with a little cooperation. Russia’s demands for possible peace negotiations were affordable. “You recognize our right to Crimea, (which Ukraine has never had a legal right to), and we jointly live up to the Minsk II agreement and keep NATO out,” Then the cannons would never have had a chance to tune up the march to hell. But it seems to be true what the peace researcher Professor, Johan Galtung expressed; “The conflicts could have been resolved with a little patience and creativity, but NATO does not want solutions. It uses conflicts as raw material it can process into interventions to tell the world that it is the strongest in military terms.”

The Congressional Research Service report shows that since 1991, the United States has waged 251 wars and military interventions. Declarations of war have only been issued for five separate wars. The others have apparently been handled outside the doors of Congress. How many wars and war adventures is Russia guilty of for the same period? In any case, you can count them on the fingers of one hand.

U.S. Ambassador Joseph Kennedy with his sons, Joe Jr. and future U.S. President John F. Kennedy (Jack)

In 1939, the US ambassador in London, Joseph Kennedy, could prophetically pronounce the words: The war will continue as long as power is in Washington. And it is in Washington that NATO’s power is centered, and the same applies to the EU.

Despite this, the Western media industry has succeeded in portraying Russia as aggressive and untrustworthy, and the United States as a guarantor of peace and democracy. The prerequisite for such a demonic overthrow is a dictatorially controlled media apparatus and a population whose knowledge of history is in constant decline and today almost non-existent. Syrian President al-Assad put it this way: Western politicians’ knowledge of history normally stretches back only a week.” The West is unfortunately there, to the delight of the warmongers.

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