“Unlike my brother judge here, who is concerned with law, I am concerned with justice.”… Lord Denning.

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To my lawyer friends. The quote above by Lord Denning is my position.

You all keep telling me the law supports the EC not testifying, I insist that Justice requires that she is scrutinized.

Regardless of whether NDC wins or loses, it is the proper thing to do.

EC over the past decade has spent almost $10 Million a year, and yet they don’t have a serious collation Centre when political Parties have collation centre’s.

If the Law allows her to get away, then the law is indeed an ass!!

We must all be concerned about the professional culture at the EC. They are amongst the most expensive institutions yet they are allowed to do whatever they want and perform their job anyhow without serious scrutiny.

We must all make sure the EC is improved regardless of our party affiliations.

Kofi Bentil.
Lawyer & VP, IMANI Ghana.

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