UN expresses concern over escalation of Israeli killing of Palestinians

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Days of Palestine – Washington

The United Nations expressed its concern over the escalation of the Israeli occupation forces’ killing of Palestinian citizens and called for their protection from settler violence.

In this context, the United Nations published a video entitled Palestine: Concerned about the loss of life and injuries in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The tape included the remarks of the Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Tor Wennesland, on the occupied Palestinian territories.

“I am concerned by the continuing tragic loss of life and serious injury in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,” Wennesland told the Security Council on Monday, urging Israel to “fulfill its obligation to protect Palestinian civilians from violence.”

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During his participation from Jerusalem via video conference, Wennesland referred to the “recurring settler violence against Palestinian civilians.” 

He said that more acts must be taken to ensure that Israel fulfills its obligation to protect Palestinian civilians from violence, including by Israeli settlers, and to investigate and hold them accountable.”

The Special Coordinator described how, on 17 August, a 15-year-old Palestinian boy was assaulted in the northern West Bank when he was kidnapped by a group of Israeli settlers, tied to a tree, brutally attacked and parts of his body burned.

Wennesland expressed his grave concern over this heinous act and called on the Israeli authorities to conduct a prompt, thorough, transparent investigation that includes holding the perpetrators accountable.

It also called on Israel to take all necessary measures to protect the right to freedom of association and to protect human rights organizations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory from arbitrary acts.

The Special Coordinator welcomed Qatar’s announcement of a donation of $40 million over four months to the United Nations to provide cash assistance to about 100,000 families in need in Gaza.

He added that he remains deeply concerned about the difficult financial situation facing the Palestinian Authority and its ability to withstand the ongoing economic and health crises”.

“This will affect all Palestinians,” he said. “It is essential to enable the Palestinian Authority to exercise its responsibilities throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.”

The broadcast included the Indian Foreign Minister, Harsh Vardhan, to contribute to facilitating the transfer of aid and other essential items to Gaza to ease the humanitarian situation, facilitate early reconstruction, and do what is appropriate.

“It is also important for the international community to support the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip through the Palestinian Authority,” Vardah said.

For his part, Richard Mills, Deputy Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations, said: ” the United States is again urging the other Member States to make financial commitments with the return of 290,000 students to UNRWA schools in Gaza.”

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