Togo Opens West Africa largest Solar Plant

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Togo Opens West Africa largest Solar Plant – Togo commissioned earlier this week the largest solar plant in West Africa, which Is located 250 km north of capital city Lome. This 50 megawatt facility was constructed by AMEA Togo Solar, a subsidiary of Dubai-based AMEA Power. The Plant which is located in central Togo, is expected to offer electricity to more than 158,000 families while also reducing CO2 emissions by more than one million tonnes.

The project got more than $63.7 million in funding from the West African Development Bank and the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, and was named after Abu Dhabi’s crown prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

During the opening ceremony, Togolese mines minister Mila Aziable explained, “The Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed 50 megawatt-peak power plant in Blitta is the largest solar photovoltaic plant in the sub-region, using solar tracker technology, which increases the efficiency of solar panels by making them follow the path of the sun.”

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