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Chaos, Violence at Kabul Airport as U.S. Tries to Complete Afghanistan  Evacuation | World Report | US News

The narrative in the Western media is that the Taliban has swept into the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul, and taken control of even the presidential palace.

The story is that Afghans are so worried about the victory of the Taliban that they are rushing out of the country in droves.

In their desperation some Afghans are reported to have clung on to the wings of aircrafts ferrying people out of the inferno that US troop withdrawal has left behind in Kabul.

Answers to just a few questions will show that this narrative is hollow and is nothing more than the hogwash designed to make western culture look superior and justify the misadventures of US Imperialism around the world.

Who are the Taliban? Are they not Afghans themselves? And if the vast majority of Afghans hate them so much how did they manage to mobilize and arm the hundreds of thousands of their militants moving form victory to victory? Why have the anti-Taliban forces in Afghanistan been sleeping for 20 long years while their dreaded opponents prepared to take over the country?

It must be obvious even to the casual observer that the US military has suffered another humiliating defeat at the hands of a rag tag army of turban wearing soldiers after 20 years of Rambo-style warfare.

Over a period of twenty years, the US army has bombed and killed many innocent Afghans including those celebrating weddings and burying their dead. The fear and awe, George Bush unleashed on Afghanistan could not stop the Taliban from gaining control of the levers of security and politics in one of the poorest countries of the world.

Like the slave traders and colonialists of old, the ruling class in the United States of America, claimed that they went into Afghanistan to dispense civilization. They wanted to end the discrimination against women, to promote formal education, to end the trade in narcotics and to put the Afghan middle class in trousers, jackets and neck ties. They did not want Afghan women to cover their heads and faces and they did not want Afghans to play hosts to terrorists.

The point however is that the USA has throughout its history been the worst offender when it comes to weaponising difference. The stories of Black People, the Chicanos, the Indians, the Chinese and even South Americans living in the USA show the extent to which difference is the basis of discrimination in Abraham Lincoln’s home country.

Can anybody in all seriousness claim that the Klu Klux Klan is any better than the Taliban? Is the discrimination against women in Afghanistan any worse than the tons of stories about the abuse of women in the White House, in the US military, in the Department of Homeland security and amongst politicians even in the capitol Hill? What about the sexual abuse of minors in the very centres of religion in the USA?

As a fact, Syria is just coming out of a civil war engineered by the almighty United States of America. These terrorists who opened up the chest of human beings and eat their uncooked hearts on camera were recruited, trained and armed by the United States of America and its allies in the effort to destabilize the Assad regime.

How many Chileans were killed and maimed by the terrorist gangs of Pinochet? Who imposed Pinochet on the people of Chile? Who armed the anti-communist terrorists employed in the childish effort to subvert revolutionary governments in Latin America?

Even Ghana could not escape the long arms of US terrorist interventions around the world. The CIA played a key role in the assassination attempts on Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and eventually on February 24, 1966, it toppled the democratically elected government of Ghana in one of the bloodiest coups in history.

Another democratically elected African leader, Patrice Lumumba of the Congo was cold bloodedly murdered by agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the USA working with the secret services of other western nations. His body was dissolved in acid and his front teeth was removed and kept as a memento by a Belgian intelligence officer.

The moral high ground the USA is attempting to occupy in Afghanistan is at best rusty and shaky. Its own record in Hiroshima and Nagasaki has terribly weakened that ground.

Truth be told, the US adventure in Afghanistan has received a deadly blow from the make-shift Taliban army and confirmed that the USA has never won a war in its History. It lost in Vietnam, lost in Korea, lost in Cuba, lost in China, lost in Iraq, and it has again lost in Afghanistan.

Perhaps, it is time for the victims of US imperialism to tell their own story of horror and death. The current narrative is bogus and fraudulent.        

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