Stop the political persecution of Abahlali baseMjondolo!

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On 4 May 2021, two activists of Abahlali baseMjondolo – Deputy President Mqapheli
Bonono and Siniko Miya – were arrested on false and bizarre charges. On 12 May,
Maphiwe Gasela was arrested on the same charges. These arrests are aimed at
impeding the important grassroots work that is being done by Abahlali baseMjondolo
Tomorrow, 20 May 2021, the Pan Africanism Today Secretariat will be present at the
Durban Magistrates Court, where these activists will be appearing for the third time.
We will be there to cover the developments in real time as they take place inside and
outside the courthouse, on our Facebook page.
Over the past 15 years, AbM has been organising the most vulnerable, exploited and
oppressed in our society. They continue to fight for access to housing, food, social
security, water and all basic services; these are rights enshrined in Sections 26 and
27 of the Constitution of South Africa. Violence and threats from the ruling party (and
predatory property owners) are routinely carried out by the state police and private
security companies. In spite of all of this, the organisation continues to grow from
strength to strength with its membership now sitting at 100 000 members, with 86
branches in five of the nine provinces in South Africa.
The Pan Africanism Today Secretariat joins the people’s movements and
organisations around the world in strongly condemning the abuse of state power in
an attempt to destroy the women and men who have committed themselves to the
just cause of Land, Housing and Dignity. We stand in solidarity with Abahlali
baseMjondolo as they continue to confront the glorification of private property. The
recent arrest of Mqapheli Bonono, Siniko Miya and Maphiwe Gasela show that there
is a concerted effort, to abuse state instruments, to silence those organisations who
put the wellbeing of people over profit. We echo the call for the unconditional release
of these activists.Stop the political persecution of Abahlali baseMjondolo activists!
Free Mqapheli Bonono, Siniko Miya, Maphiwe Gasela and all political prisoners now!
In solidarity,
The Pan Africanism Today Secretariat