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The Government of the Republic of Mali takes note of the “Joint Statement” of certain partners
published on social networks on December 23, 2021 relating to the alleged deployment of
elements of a private security company in Mali.
The Government of Mali regrets the content of the said press release which comes at a time
when it makes enormous efforts on a daily basis to meet the multifaceted challenges that the
country is facing. It gives a formal denial to these baseless allegations and demands proofs to
be provided by independent sources.

The Government of Mali would like to point out that, like the European Mission of Training
(EUTM), Russian trainers are present in Mali as part of the strengthening operational
capacities of the National Defense and Security Forces.
The Government asks to be judged on acts rather than on rumors and wishes to recall that
the Malian State is only engaged in a state-to-state partnership with the Russian Federation,
its historical partner.

The Government of the Republic of Mali reiterates its desire to continue the dialogue and
cooperation with all of its partners while respecting its sovereignty and for lasting stability for
the sole benefit of the Malian populations.

Mali’s priority is to give itself all the means to restore security, relieve the Malian populations
and create the conditions for a rapid return to a normal situation.
Bamako, December 24, 2021

The Minister of Territorial Administration and
Decentralization, Government spokesperson,
Colonel Abdoulaye MAIG

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