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July 11, 2022         

On the first anniversary of the failed attempt to topple the Cuban revolution, the Socialist Movement of Ghana (SMG) renews its friendship and solidarity with the  Government and people of Cuba.

We note that the July 11, 2021 attempt by Imperialism and its local lackeys to overthrow the socialist government led by President Diaz- Canel failed because of the heroism of the brave people of Cuba and the just Ness of the revolutionary cause which Commandante Fidel Castro and his compatriots led.

Inspite of decades of a crippling blockade of Cuba by the United States of America, the country continues to make giant strides in education and healthcare and has put its people at the very centre of development efforts . The Covid-19 pandemic clearly demonstrates Cuba’s commitment to the improvement of the health of its people .

Currently, Cuba is way ahead of many countries in the world when it comes to the administration of booster doses against Covid -19 . China, Italy , Canada, Japan , the United Kingdom , Germany ,France , the USA and Russia are some of the countries trailing behind Cuba in the administration of Covid-19 vaccines. With the expansion of the vaccination programme more than 4 million elderly people and more than 800,000 others in the vulnerable group have benefited from the programme. 

The Socialist Movement of Ghana( SMG) joins anti-imperialist forces all over the world to call for the immediate lifting of sanctions against Cuba and its removable from the list of countries allegedly supporting terrorism .

Cuba which has itself been a victim of terrorism since the 1959 revolution has been a key ally of all who stand against apartheid and continues to stand against racism in all its forms . It was also a most reliable partner in the struggles of Africans to free themselves from classical colonialism.

We are fully convinced that the people of Cuba under the able leadership of the communist party will defeat imperialist machinations against the revolution and continue the march to the collective prosperity of its people.


Kwesi Pratt, Jnr.

General Secretary

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