SFG Message of Solidarity With The Venezuelan People And Its Bolivarian Revolution

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Since the 19th century when the United States declared its true intentions towards America South of the Rio Grande through the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 and the Big Stick Policy of 1899, the rapacious imperialist marauding foreign policy objectives and interests of the U.S towards Venezuela and other countries of South America and America Latina have been the
same. This is inspite of the development of International law and inter-state relations system in the 21st Century.

It is not strange that the Biden administration after presenting itself as totally different from the Trump administration in both domestic and foreign policy has after just a month of its inauguration into office extended decree 13.642 of March 9th 2015 for one more year. A malevolent and malicious policy which is contrary to International law, norms and conventions and against civility in inter-state relations within the United Nations systems.

This obnoxious decree declares economic war, sabotage, political and diplomatic subversion against the sovereign republic of Venezuela a member of the United Nations and attempts to overthrow a constitutionally elected government brazenly by setting up an illegal subversive group purporting to be the government of Venezuela.

The U.S.A, under this decree illegally seizes and steals Venezuelan people’s assets and sovereign wealth in the U.S and elsewhere at will and enacts an illegal economic embargo and organize its satellites in Europe and the Americas to recognize an illegality and participate in it. Against its treaty obligations at the Geneva Convention it attacks the Bolivarian republic’s Diplomatic missions in the United States and uses its Judicial system to
attack Venezuelan diplomats and representatives through forced seizures, detentions and illegal issuance of false and fraudulent accusations against them.

The Venezuelan state has been under such a vicious attack by the behemoth of a criminal power due to its voracious thirst and unquenchable appetite for its rich oil, gold and national resources. The “empire” wants these resources on the cheap for Big Capital in “Wall Street”
the industrial area of Michigan and Pittsburgh and Hi Tech in California.
The war against the Bolivarian Republic is about who controls resources and in whose interest, it should be put, big Capital in the U.S or the real owners, the people of Venezuela.

It is also manifested in the imperialist foreign policy against Cuba, Iran, Palestine and the countries of Africa.

The alert must be on that there is no difference between the boorish Trump and his foreign and domestic policy and the so called civil and soft-spoken Biden’s domestic and foreign policy. The extension of decree 13.692 attests to that and is ample proof of that fact.

The Progressive People of the world are alerted and called upon to take note and resist this criminal decree by continuing diplomatic, economic, social and political relations with the government and people of the

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
Long live Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Viva Ghana – Venezuela Relations.

Justice Akuffo-Henaku
Head of International Relations
Email: info@socialistforumofghana.org