Russia Calls For Permanent Seat For Africa At UN Security Council ….As Moscow Hosts African Journalists In SputnikPro Project

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From Gifty Mamley Agyemang, Moscow Russia

Russia, a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council has advocated for a permanent seat for Africa on the Council.
According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Africa being denied a seat at the
Security Council depicts a colonial mentality towards the continent.
It said looking at Africa which is home to many rich natural resources, denying them a permanent seat in the security council shows that there is still a colonial feeling which needs to be shirked by all its members.

Maria Zakharova, Spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry made the statement in an interview with some selected journalists participating in a SputnikPro project for young African Journalists at the Ministry in Moscow.

She noted that the denial and underrepresentation of African and Asian countries on the permanent seat in the security council is unfair and in appropriate.
She further said it is incredible that Africa with its large population, rich natural resources and its significant contributions to the world economy has been denied a permanent representation in the Security Council.

“It is absolutely unacceptable for Africa to be a bystander on a grand platform where its own issues are decided”, she underscored.

The Foreign Affairs spokesperson stressed that it is necessary for Africa to have a permanent seat in the security council so that it’s voice could be heard.

Zakharova mentioned that Russia still holds the firm stand that Africa should have a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.

She disscloed that the root cause of most of the conflicts in Africa are the resultant effects of colonialism and other unresolve disputes left behind by colonial rulers..

She however said the freedom of Africans should be respected as they have the ability to solve their own problems themselves.

Participants in a specialised session of the SputnikPro educational project being held at the headquarters of Sputnik, an International News Agency and Radio Station based in Moscow.

The training programme which commenced this week has afforded 15 young African journalists the opportunity to participate in a specialised session of the SputnikPro educational project being held at the headquarters of Sputnik, an International News Agency and Radio Station based in Moscow.

The one-week intensive and educative training is aimed at improving the career of these young journalists, get more in-depth knowledge about the operations of Russian media and also be acquainted with the cultural life of Moscow.

Some of the African media organizations who are at the training includes The Insight Newspaper (Ghana), The Nigeria News Agency, The Zambian Daily Mail, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), and The Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC).

Others are, the Ethiopian News Agency(ENA), the South African Media Group, Independent Media, the Tunisian radio station, Radio Sabra FM and the Cameron Broadcasting Corporation.

The program, according to Vasily Pushkov, the Sputnik International Cooperation Director since the end of Corona Virus pandemic are now holding face-to-face SputnikPro specialized session for African Journalists.

He expressed satisfaction for seeing some of the largest African media outlets with an audience of many millions participating in this session.

He said the training among other things will help foster and develop multidisciplinary International corporations.

“In this way, we are restoring a full-fledged direct media dialogue between Russian and African countries” Pushkov said.

The program is also a channel for development between Russia and African countries.

The face-to-face SputnikPro module for young journalists from African countries is being implemented with the help of the New Generation Program of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooporation.

Participants were taken through lectures on how to produce and promote content, mass class on video production- how to make a video simple, short and viral at the same time, practice- based media game and other topics. There was also a sightseeing, walking tour of Moscow and presentation of certificates to each participants.

The leading modules of the project are both Sputnik media managers and other well-knownn Russian experts. Since March 2018, more than 5,000 students from 80 countries have participated in SputnikPro master classes.

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