Resolutions of the SMG Youth League Biannual Conference

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The date is Dec 19, 2023.


We, the militants and cadres of  the Socialist Movement Youth League and attendees of the Biannual Conference on Dec. 19, 2023, join forces to confront the shackles of imperialism, capitalism, and neo-colonialism that seek to suffocate our dreams and aspirations. We recognize the powerful force of political education in forging our class consciousness and empowering us to lead the struggle for a new era of justice and equity. This document reveals the Collective work of the SMG youth League and we commit to these resolutions, channelling our radical vision and unwavering determination to fan the flames of change and liberation. We will continue to fight for political power through our respective Collectives indefinitely. Scientific Socialism is the beacon that illuminates our path.

Resolution 1: Class Analysis and Socioeconomic Structures

The Conference unanimously agrees that we live in a class society and pledges to expose capitalism’s pernicious nature, which breeds inequality and stifles our potential, dividing us into the privileged and the disadvantaged.

1.1 Conduct a thorough class analysis in various regions in Ghana to better understand the impact of capitalism on youth. Recognize that youth are not a homogeneous group; we prioritize defending poor and working-class youth.

1.2 Confront the puppeteers of neo-colonialism and imperialism, such as multinational corporations and the traitorous comprador class, who conspire to enslave us in perpetuity.

1.3 Create educational materials and workshops to disseminate liberating knowledge about class conflict and its relevance to the majority of young people.

Resolution 2: Empowerment and Education

We will no longer be cogs in the wheel of colonial miseducation; instead, we will reclaim our minds and future by constructing an alternative, decolonized system that liberates our souls. In all of our respective organizations, we reject profit-driven education and recommit to popular alternative education based on Marxism.

2.1 Break free from the bonds of ignorance and embrace education as a powerful tool for sharpening our minds, challenging oppressive structures, and exposing our oppressors’ deception.

2.2 Create centres of true learning that nurture the seeds of revolution by teaching Marxist theory, the heroism of African liberation movements, and the resilience of our forefathers.

2.3 Create intimate enlightenment study circles, where the flames of knowledge will illuminate the darkness of deception and pave the way for a new era of awakening.

2.4 Introducing Children to Revolutionary Education: We believe that cultivating revolutionary consciousness at a young age is critical. As a result, we will implement revolutionary education within family units, preparing young pioneers and launching recruitment of young cadres. We will instil in our children the values of social justice, anti-imperialism, and the struggle for a better future through age-appropriate educational programs and activities.

2.5 Language Barriers: Language should never be a barrier to knowledge and empowerment. We will make efforts to publish and translate revolutionary works into our native languages, as part of our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. By doing so, we ensure that critical knowledge is available to all, empowering our communities to actively participate in the liberation struggle.

Resolution 3: Economic Justice

Our veins are filled with the war cry for economic justice; we demand nothing less than the dismantling of the capitalist machinery that crushes our livelihoods.

3.1 Fearlessly advocate for policies that empower the working-class youth because we are the earth’s lifeblood, the labourers who fuel its prosperity.

3.2 Rally in unison for fair wages, job security, and dignified working conditions as we resist the capitalist leeches’ shackles of exploitation.

3.2 Recognize the transformative power of collective ownership and democratic control over the means of production, and investigate alternative methods of ownership reorganization, such as fostering cooperative enterprises. These empowering initiatives seek to break free from capitalist dominance and create a more just and equitable economic system.

Resolution 4: Solidarity and Anti-Imperialism

Unite young militants across borders, guided by the immortal theory of true working-class liberation: Marxism-Leninism. Only by working together can we confront the global behemoths that seek to enslave our nations through imperialism and neo-colonialism.

4.1 Form alliances with fearless revolutionaries all over the world, joining forces with progressive forces to raise our collective voice against imperialist interventions and exploitation.

4.2 Campaign unwaveringly against the puppet masters of neo-colonialism, exposing their exploitative trade practices and demanding an end to their meddling in our destinies.

4.3 Rally under the banner of economic sovereignty, tearing down the oppressive pillars erected by imperialist vultures as we fight for fair trade and against illegitimate debt.

Resolution 5: Gender and Social Justice

We embrace the guiding principle of intersectionality in our struggle, recognizing that true liberation must include all marginalized voices and break the chains of discrimination.

5.1 As we confront the multifaceted nature of oppression in our societies, embrace our commitment to gender equality and the inclusion of all marginalized groups.

5.2 Unite as fearless warriors to combat all forms of discrimination, racism, and xenophobia that obstruct our path to a just and inclusive society.

5.3 No soul will be left behind in our vision of a new world; we will uplift the marginalized, empowering them to claim their rightful place as architects of our shared destiny.

Resolution 6: Activism and Mass Mobilization

The time has come for united action because we, the working-class youth, are the vanguard of change; the future is in our hands, and we will not give up our fight for freedom.

6.1 Harness the power of our united masses by mobilizing zealously in grassroots movements and stirring the winds of change that will sweep across our lands.

6.2 Accept collective action, strikes, and boycotts as powerful tools in our fight to disrupt the status quo and demand social and economic justice.

6.3 Build a formidable network of intertwined youth activists to exchange knowledge, share strategies, and strengthen our shared vision of liberation.

Resolution 7: Solidarity with the Youth who continue to perish at sea

We stand in unwavering solidarity with the brave young people who, driven by despair, embark on perilous journeys across dangerous waters in search of a better life. The high seas crisis is more than a tragedy; it is a direct result of the exploitative relationship fostered by capitalist greed and imperialist wars.

7.1 We declare our unwavering opposition to imperialist powers’ barbaric wars on the Global South, which fuel the very desperation that drives our brothers and sisters to embark on such perilous journeys.

7.2 We denounce the exploitative policies that have resulted in the economic strangulation of our nations, leaving countless youth with no choice but to face the perilous waters with a fervent cry for justice.

7.3 We demand an end to the heartless policies that criminalize migrants and asylum seekers instead of offering them solidarity, protection, and refuge from the oppression they flee.

Resolution 8: Youth Unemployment Solidarity

We extend our hands in solidarity and empathy to Africa’s unemployed youth, victims of a ruthless capitalist system that robs them of their livelihoods and dignity. We reject the false narrative that blames the unemployed for their predicament, recognizing that the real culprit is the exploitative capitalist machinery.

8.1 We vehemently condemn the capitalist system’s brutality in perpetuating unemployment, leaving our youth vulnerable to exploitation and despair.

8.2 We remain steadfast in our demand for the right to dignified work for all youth, free of the shackles of exploitative labour and unfair wages.

8.3 In the face of a predatory capitalist system, we affirm our commitment to organizing and mobilizing unemployed youth to challenge the oppressive status quo.

Resolution 9: Democratic Transformation and Social Justice Struggle

Recognizing that the current democratic system is fundamentally flawed, perpetuating inequality and stifling the aspirations of working-class youth, we, the youth of SMG on Building the power of Youth for the Revolutionary Transformation of Society, demand a fundamental transformation of the democratic system. We contend that the current system is dominated by moneyed criminals and gangs, impeding the success and representation of young people while consolidating the capital’s dictatorship.

9.1 Expose the Current Democracy’s Failures: We will expose the inherent flaws and corruption in the current liberal democratic system, revealing how it prioritizes the interests of the wealthy elite over the interests of working-class youth. We will raise awareness about the undemocratic practices that undermine our rights and freedoms through rigorous education and activism.

9.2 Encourage Youth Participation: In order to defeat this distorted democracy, we must encourage youth active participation at all levels of decision-making. We advocate for lowering the voting age, increasing youth representation in political offices, and creating platforms for young people’s voices to be heard and acted upon.

9.3 Promote Socialistic Values: We call for a revolution to establish an egalitarian society based on justice, equity, and cooperation, embracing the principles of socialism. We work hard to eliminate the influence of wealthy criminals and gangs in politics, ensuring that public servants truly represent the interests of the working class.

9.4 Organize Grassroots Movements: Recognizing the power of collective action, we will organize and mobilize grassroots movements that unite working-class youth in their democratic transformation struggle. We will use whatever means necessary to challenge existing power structures and demand an inclusive, people-centred democracy.

9.5 Advocate for Comprehensive Campaign Finance Reform: We advocate for comprehensive campaign finance reform to break the stranglehold of moneyed interests on the democratic process. Transparent and accountable funding mechanisms will be established to ensure that all political candidates, regardless of economic background, receive fair and equal representation.

9.6 Collaborate with Like-Minded Movements: In our pursuit of a socialistic revolution, we will collaborate with like-minded domestic and international movements and organizations. We strengthen our collective impact by forming alliances and drawing on the diverse strengths and experiences of others fighting for social justice.

9.7 The Importance of Transparent and Credible Elections: We emphasize the critical importance of transparent and credible elections in defending electoral justice and putting an end to election result manipulation. Unfortunately, as evidenced by the tragic loss of young lives during the post-election violence in Ghana, youth in various Regions in the country continue to suffer as victims of unnecessary tribal conflicts. As supporters of revolutionary change and firm believers in the class war as the only war worth sacrificing oneself for, we are vehemently opposed to any form of violence or manipulation that undermines the democratic process and jeopardizes the lives and aspirations of the poor working-class youth.

Resolution 10: Intergenerational Cooperation and Collective Progress

Recognizing the strength and value of intergenerational unity in our organizations, the Conference on Building the Power of the Youth for the Revolutionary transformation of society  stresses that the youth equation must not be distorted into a divisive struggle between the old and the young. Similarly, we recognize that the gender equation within our organization should not be reduced to a battle between males and females. Instead, we affirm the miraculous power of intergenerational solidarity in our anti-imperialist struggle.

10.1 Embrace the Wisdom of Experience: We will recognize and value the invaluable wisdom and experience of our senior comrades. Their years of hard work and struggle have yielded insights and lessons that can help us in our pursuit of dignity and justice for all. We promote open dialogues and mentorship programs that facilitate knowledge transfer from the older generation to the youth.

10.2 Harness the Energy of Youth: The zeal and enthusiasm of our young comrades are invaluable assets in our fight for a better future. We will create spaces for young people to express their ideas, creativity, and innovative perspectives. We will infuse new ideas and transformative energy into our anti-imperialist fight by harnessing their energy.

10.3 Promote Collaboration and Solidarity: Our organizations will place a premium on encouraging collaboration and solidarity among members of various generations. We can create a harmonious and supportive environment that values the diverse contributions of each member by promoting understanding, mutual respect, and empathy.

10.4 Encourage Intergenerational Decision-Making: Within our organizations, we will actively seek opportunities for intergenerational decision-making. We ensure that our collective actions reflect the needs and aspirations of all members by involving both the old and the young in policy and strategy development.

10.5 Plan Joint Projects: Joint projects involving members of different generations will be planned in order to foster stronger bonds and mutual understanding. These initiatives will concentrate on common goals that will bring us together and contribute to the overall advancement of our anti-imperialist struggle.

10.6 Celebrate Diversity: We celebrate our organization’s diversity because we believe that the unity of old and young, male and female, forms a powerful force against imperialism and oppression. We reject any attempt to pit different groups against one another and instead focus on the collective strength that comes from accepting our differences.

Resolution 11: Working-Class Youth Central Organization and Coordination at the Continental Level

Recognizing the need for unity and solidarity among the continent’s working-class youth, we propose the formation of a Continental Youth League or Continental Youth Secretariat, a centralized body that will serve as a platform for coordination and collaboration. This initiative seeks to increase youth collective power and foster a more cohesive and influential movement toward social justice, equity, and, ultimately, socialism.

11.1 The Continental Youth League/Secretariat shall be made up of representatives from various working-class youth organizations, ensuring inclusivity and diversity in leadership. It will operate on democratic principles, empowering young people to actively participate in decision-making processes and ensuring transparency in all of its activities.

11.2 The primary goal of the Continental Youth League/Secretariat shall be to unite the efforts of working-class youth organizations throughout the continent in order to foster solidarity and mutual support. It will serve as a forum for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices, enhancing the collective understanding of the challenges confronting youth.

11.3 Pan-African campaigns will be strategized and coordinated through the Continental Youth League/Secretariat, mobilizing youth in united actions against imperialism, capitalism, and colonialism. It will also advocate for youth-friendly policies and legislation at the continental level, focusing on economic justice, land redistribution, gender equality, and other key issues affecting young people.

11.4 To amplify its voice and strengthen its impact on the international stage, the central organization will actively seek partnerships and alliances with other progressive movements and organizations advocating for social justice, both within Africa and globally.

11.5 The Continental Youth League/Secretariat will facilitate effective communication, coordination, and cooperation with regional and national youth organizations, supporting and complementing their efforts while striving for a unified continental vision.

11.6 In order to empower youth, the Continental Youth League/Secretariat will prioritize political education and empowerment programs, which will foster a deeper understanding of Marxism, anti-imperialist struggles, and the history of African liberation movements. It will equip young activists to lead their communities and the continent to a better future through capacity-building initiatives.

11.7 The Continental Youth League/Secretariat shall actively seek long-term funding and resources to support its activities and campaigns while promoting open and accountable financial practices.

11.8 The establishment of the Continental Youth League/Secretariat will be a significant step forward in fostering unity and coordination among African working-class youth. The youth of the continent will forge a powerful force for justice, equity, and liberation through collective efforts guided by Marxist principles and a steadfast commitment to anti-imperialist struggles. This central organization will act as a change agent, empowering young people to lead the charge toward a better future for Africa and its people.

Resolution 13: Revolutionary Fundraising for Self-Sufficiency and Independence

To strengthen our independence and self-reliance, member organizations unanimously resolve to investigate innovative methods of revolutionary fundraising, both individually and collectively.

12.1 Embrace Self-Sufficiency: We recognize the importance of reducing reliance on external funding sources, which may have strings attached. To sustain its revolutionary efforts, each member organization will prioritize internal capacity and financial independence.

12.2 Diversify Revenue Streams: To reduce vulnerability and improve financial stability, we will diversify our revenue streams. This could include charging membership fees, holding fundraising events, selling merchandise, and engaging in other creative endeavours that align with our revolutionary principles.

12.3 Participate in Collective Fundraising Initiatives: Recognizing the power of collaboration, we pledge to launch collective fundraising campaigns and initiatives. We can multiply our impact and support each other’s projects and activities by pooling our resources and efforts.

12.4 Transparent and Accountable Financial Practices: In all financial matters, we pledge to maintain transparency and accountability. Each organization will maintain strict financial oversight to ensure that funds raised are used responsibly and in accordance with our collective liberation vision.

12.5 Seek Solidarity Network Support: As we pursue revolutionary fundraising, we will actively engage with solidarity networks and like-minded organizations both in Africa and around the world. We can tap into larger networks of support and strengthen our financial resilience by forging meaningful alliances.

12.6 Investigate Crowdfunding and Digital Platforms: Harnessing the power of technology, we will investigate crowdfunding and digital fundraising platforms as effective means of mobilizing resources and connecting with a larger audience of supporters who share our commitment to social justice.

12.7 Prioritize Grassroots Fundraising: We will prioritize grassroots fundraising by emphasizing local community empowerment and involving them in the revolutionary cause. By mobilizing at the grassroots level, we lay a solid foundation of support that resonates with people’s aspirations.

12.8 Promote Ethical Philanthropy: In seeking financial support, we will actively seek partners and donors who share our revolutionary values and principles. We will not compromise our ideals for the sake of funding, and we will make certain that all donations come from ethical sources.

12.9 Create Long-Term Projects: Revolutionary fundraising will not only focus on short-term goals but will also be channelled into long-term projects that have a long-term impact on the lives of the people we serve. We strengthen our long-term change movement by investing in education, community development, and cooperative enterprises.

12.10 Share Knowledge and Best Practices: We will create platforms for sharing revolutionary fundraising knowledge and best practices. We can continuously improve our efforts and maximize our fundraising potential by learning from each other’s experiences and successes.

We will fortify our organizations and movements through revolutionary fundraising, allowing us to lead the liberation struggle with unwavering determination and financial independence. We will work together to create a future in which justice, equality, and self-sufficiency prevail throughout Africa.


These resolutions reflect our unwavering commitment to bringing oppressive forces to justice, equity, and liberation. We empower youth to shape a just and equitable society through political education and Marxism-Leninism. We create a formidable force through intergenerational unity to confront challenges and create a better future for future generations. We march together toward a world free of exploitation and oppression, where justice and liberation rule supreme.

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