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  1. We refer to your letter of yesterday, referenced ARHQ/V.22/225 headed as above.
  2. First the Public Order Law does not require us to seek your permission in the

    organisation of any protest. The duty which the law imposes on us is to give you five

    days notice, which we did by our letter dated May 27,2024.
  3. We are unable to accept your claim that the 100+ car parade we are organising

    “may disrupt traffic flow which would affect the running of essential services or violate

    the rights and freedoms of other persons”. This is because car parades have become

    a regular and frequent feature of life in Ghana. They are organised for weddings and

    funerals especially Muslim funerals. We cannot see how a 45-minute drive on the

    independence Avenue which ends up at the Hearts Park on the Professor John Evans

    Atta – Mills High Street can violate the rights and freedoms of other citizens.
  4. Your claim that “the intended date and route has already been designated to a

    different group for a proposed demonstration and the holding of the events at the

    same time “would affect public order which may lead to violence or endanger public

    defense, public safety and public health” is very strange.
  5. We are not aware of any group planning a demonstration on the same day and

    using the same route. Which group is this, and what are they protesting for or against?
  6. Indeed if the group is not pro- Israel and opposed to the purpose of our protest, how
  7. can their activity lead to a crash which would affect public order which may lead to
  8. violence or endanger public defense, public safety and public health.
  9. Sir, you would recall that at a meeting of our organisers with your Command, we
    made it clear that we seek no confrontations with the police or any state authority
    and that as a response to your concerns, we were ready to reduce the number of
    cars which would participate in the parade from 100 to 50.
  10. This should have significantly demonstrated our commitment to full cooperation
    with your Command in the organisation of this peaceful protest against the genocidal
    war unleashed on the people of Gaza. Besides, your command and us have cooperated
    in organising a number of protests in Accra and you can bear testimony to
    the fact that they have all been very peaceful.
    In the light of the concern expressed in your letter under reference we have agreed
    to make one more concession of shifting the date from Saturday, June 8, to Saturday
    June 15,2024.
    It is our hope that your command will take the necessary steps to protect our
    constitutional right to protest and not put any impediment on our way.

Very Best Wishes

Kwesi Pratt, Jnr
For organisers


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