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Today will certainly go down in history of Ghana as the DARKEST DAY IN THE JUSTICE DELIVERY SYSTEM of our beautiful country.

Did I just hear the trial Judge of the Assin North case say that ” Not granting the injunction case brought against the Assin North MP Elect will create a lot of inconvenience for the applicant “. It’s rather unfortunate that this statement was made in open court notwithstanding the evidence of APPLICATION AND CERTIFICATE OF DENOUNCIATION of Canadaian citizenship exhibited in court by Lawyer Abraham Amaliba counsel for the Assin North MP Elect.

It is important to note that the Assin North MP applied to denounce his Canadian citizenship way back in 2019 and had his Certificate before the December 7th Elections. Why do we have different laws for Injunctions in Hohoe, Techiman South and Assin North, could it be legal illiteracy or Political judgements.

How will the applicant in the Assin North case be inconvenience if the Assin North MP Elect is duly sworn in tonight as the legally elected MP.

Did the trial Judge take into consideration the Fundamental Human Rights of the Assin North Constituents who are also citizens of Ghana and would be denied the opportunity to have a representation at the inauguration of the 8th Parliament tonight?.

Even more bizzare was when the NDC was prevented to file an Appeal and A Stay of execution at the same Cape Coast High Court where the judgement took place when the Filling Clerk and the Court Registrar deliberately locked up their offices to deny the team of NDC lawyers to file for an Appeal. In any case why did the same Judge who on Monday set 9am Wednesday morning as the time for the Judgement finally arrived at the Court at 1pm?. What happened behind closed doors between the Judge and the Chief Justice?.

Events today has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that we can no more get Justice from the Court which use to be our last resort for protecting our Humans Rights. The principles of Freedom and Justice can not be boast of again. The manipulation of State Institutions by the Ever Corrupt and Desperate Executive has become the Order of the Day.

My simple advise to the Judiciary especially the Judges, continue to bow to the Whimps and Caprices of the NPP and Akuffo Addo. These dark days in our Democracy and the Justice Delivery System shall surely come to an end one day. The Almighty God and Posterity will one day Judge us all.

Long live Conscience
Long live Ghana

Bagbin Mpondan
Kpo South

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