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Russia: Putin addresses Ukraine, NATO tensions | News | DW | 23.12.2021

As an African you should, because listening to Putin should remind you of how the Europeans and Arabs did not honour their words and treaties they signed with our Ancestors and instead encroached and finally occupied our land space to their economic and social advantage. As you listen to Putin think about the 1884-5 Berlin Conference that partitioned Africa and then pan your mind’s eye across Africa and tell me why is it that the US and Europe do what they can to keep Africa divided by overthrowing and killing off leaders like Lumumba, Olympio, Nasser, Nkrumah, Ben Bella, Modibo Keita, Sankara, Gaddafi and Magufuli. And tell me how you feel about how Lumumba and Gaddafi were slaughtered and the current state of the Congo and Libya?
How do you feel as an African, with a conscience, as you listen to Putin tell the world that YOU TRUST EUROPEAN, AMERICAN and ISRAELI LEADERS AT YOUR OWN PERIL as they do not honour their word and treaties. It is for this reason why Our Ghanaian Ancestors labeled the European as BRONI (untrustworthy, wicked and self-serving).
Putin is not taking any chances with European and American leaders, where Russia’s national interest is concerned. Why should he when he casts his mind across Africa and sees the devastating hands of those European, American and Turkish leaders who were at the Berlin Conference. Putin is also jolted by the heart rendering spectacle of Gaddafi being slaughtered and Libya being destroyed while African leaders stood by and watched saying nothing and absolutely nothing. Ooooh, how so painful, like how our brave and uncompromising ancestors were tortured and burned at the stake in the plantations of the Americas and the Caribbean while the Europeans held a picnic enjoying the spectacle of a burning African who will not succumb to the European world order. The European enslavers would assemble our ancestors to stand by and watch while one of their own is tortured and burnt at the stake only to teach them a lesson that you dare not challenge the European order sanctioned by christendom and the Holy Bible that has been abridged for you.
Please, listen and listen again to Putin who does not want himself and Russia to end up like Lumumba and the Congo and Gaddafi and Libya. YOU TRUST THE US, ITS NATO ALLIES AND APARTHEID ISRAEL AT YOUR OWN PERIL. ©Addai-Sebo


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