Pilot suspended for refusing to travel to Israel

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) airline suspended the Tunisian pilot, Moneem Saheb Tabaa, for his refusal to fly to Israel.  

“My activity as a pilot in Emirates Airlines was suspended due to my refusal to participate in a flight to Tel Aviv. God is only who takes care of me, I do not regret it,” said Tabaa on his Facebook account, which he has since closed due to pressure from the airline.

The future of his job at the airline is dependent upon an appearance before a disciplinary committee.

For her part, the Deputy Leader of Tunisia’s Ennahdha Party, Hayet Omri, wrote on Facebook that al-Taba’s position is “a source of honor and pride.”

The UAE was the first of the recent states to establish diplomatic ties with Israel, along with Bahrain, Sudan and, more recently, Morocco.Source : Safa

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