Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office Requests Seizure of Pedro Castillo’s Assets

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Pedro Castillo

The political persecution of Pedro Castillo continues in Peru. On Thursday, July 6, the Prosecutor’s Office requested the seizure of real estate properties and other personal assets of former left-wing President Castillo and his former Prime Minister Aníbal Torres.

Prosecutor Daniel Soria made the request to the Preparatory Investigation Court of the Supreme Court of Justice in the case lodged against Castillo after the latter attempted to dissolve the right-wing dominated Congress and rule by decree in December 2022 in the face of a coordinated attack by the conservative sectors of the country.

The Prosecutor’s Office had charged Castillo and Torres with the alleged crime of rebellion and conspiracy against the state in the case. It asked for confiscation of their properties as a “civil claim for compensation.”

According to the document, the Prosecutor’s Office had demanded the expropriation of Castillo’s three properties in the rural district of Anguía in the department of Cajamarca, as well as a family house in the Tacabamba district, Cajamarca.

Castillo, who was removed from office in a legislative coup and subsequently arrested on December 7, 2022, is currently imprisoned in the Barbadillo prison, located in the capital Lima. He is serving 18 months in preventative detention while the investigation is underway for alleged crimes of rebellion and conspiracy, abuse of authority, and public disturbance for attempting to dissolve the Congress and rule by decree, and another 18 months for alleged crimes of criminal organization, aggravated influence peddling, and collusion in cases related to public works contracts.

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