Metamorphosis…As SFG Renamed Socialist Movement of Ghana(SMG) at its Maiden Congress

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Metamorphosis…As SFG Renamed Socialist Movement of Ghana(SMG) at its Maiden Congress

The Socialist Forum Ghana, at its maiden Congress in Winneba on Saturday 31st July 2021, unanimously adopted a new name Socialist Movement of Ghana (SMG).

The change of name according to the Convener, Comrade Kyeretwie Opoku is to enable them expand as a group and intensify their socialistic activism.

He revealed that the SMG currently has about 29 collectives (branches) that actively participate in solidarity activities including solidarity for Cuba, Palestine Venezuela and North Korea, among others.

He added that, in Ghana, the collectives have taken part in social media activism including Ghana’s day of shame on 24th February 2020, the protection of Ada lagoon against selfish people among others.

“ There was massive health walk in Winneba where the collectives clandestinely used it to recruit members”, Mr. Kyeretwie said.

On his part the General Secretary of SMG, Comrade Kwesi Pratt took a swipe at the Akuffo-Addo government for providing a legal frame work for the establishment of a US military base in Ghana.

“Early this year, the US military carried out military exercises in Ghana and thereby jeopardized the security situation in the country”, he added.

Comrade Kwesi Pratt addressing the Congress

He also blamed the worsening economic situation in Ghana on what he described as intensified exploitation of the working people by transnational capital and its local elite supporter.

The General Secretary further stressed that since January this year, the price of petroleum products has been increased four times adding that the vat rate has also been increased whilst government has imposed a sanitation tax and a banking sector reform tax.

“The people of Ghana continue to suffer elevated levels of unemployment, lack of access to housing, poor infrastructure, worsening health conditions in the face of covid-19 and significant reductions in industrial output, despite sloganeering like one district one factory”, he emphasized.

Invited Socialists from other countries

On the gains made by SMG, Comrade Pratt said the Movement has made giant strides in projects including the establishment of the Freedom Centre, Freedom Bookshop, Publishing (the Great Deception: How the CIA overthrew Nkrumah, Fight Back: a response to Anti-Nkrumah Provocations).

Others strides include establishment of a Printing Press which he said the SMG intends to commercialize, Research Centre, Media work comprising of the Insight Newspaper and Pan Africa TV.

The Congress witnessed Socialists from other countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Palistine, South Africa, Burkina Faso among others giving solidarity messages.

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