MEET FRANCIS ADDAI-NIMOH NPP Leadership Candidate 2023                

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Francis Addai-Nimoh studied Civil Engineering, obtaining his BSc Honours from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in 1993. Then, like now, fueled by his passion for professional transparency, he remains an incorruptible practical listener and pragmatic visionary for impactful socio-economic outcomes.

Early in his professional life, as a civil engineer, along with other responsibilities later undertaken in government administration and private enterprise, his varied experience has helped guide his different endeavours to achieve optimal efficiencies, while always striving to contribute to improving daily life in Ghana.

Francis had initially worked for a few engineering firms, gaining experience in data collection, road design, contract specification and construction supervision, bitumen production, and organizing training sessions to improve standards.

In 2004, the Ministry of Roads and Highways hired Addai-Nimoh as a senior engineer, tasking him with monitoring and evaluating all Government of Ghana road projects. These responsibilities offered him the opportunity to become increasingly familiar with the extensive geography and resources across the length and breadth of Ghana. Here he continued to develop an extended network with a wide variety of people actively involved in their communities, while enhancing his cross-cultural sensitivities towards the nation’s diversity.

Francis Addai-Nimoh, member in good standing of the Ghana Institution of Engineers, also holds an Executive Masters degree in Public Administration from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (2009). Previously, he had acquired knowledge and skills in International Procurement from the International Law Institute, Washington (2004), also learning Program and Project Management at RIPA, London (2006), and enhancing his Negotiation Skills, Contract Management and Administration at the Ghana Institution of Engineers (2005).

He has enjoyed developing leadership skills as far back as his school days, being elected to serve as Scripture Union President at Navrongo Secondary, Scripture Union President and Assistant Senior Prefect at Kumasi High School, and Students Representative Council President at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Addai-Nimoh’s first general elections campaign had him elected as Member of Parliament in 2008 for the Mampong Constituency in the Ashanti region, serving with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) until 2017.

During this rise to prominence, he gained relevant knowledge and political insight while continuing to extend his network, namely by taking on a leadership role serving as Ranking Member of Parliament on the Select Committee on Environment, Science and Technology (2013-2017).

Although fairly unknown at first at that time, Addai-Nimoh ran in the 2014 NPP flag-bearer leadership race and placed 3rd out of 7 candidates, when President Nana Akufo-Addo became head of the NPP.

Since taking leave from government in 2017, Addai-Nimoh became Managing Director at Franstan Limited that he had established, overseeing construction projects and other endeavours involving the general distribution of supplies, namely bitumen.

Also propelled by his life-long dedication to charitable initiatives, as Chair of the Francis Addai-Nimoh Foundation (FAN Foundation), he also persistently championed impactful projects in education, food security and poverty elimination.

Addai-Nimoh is now READY, encouraged by a wide-range of country-wide support, to announce his bid for the leadership of the NPP and to serve as President of Ghana for a renewal that is to benefit all Ghanaians!

                                   – Won’t you join in this movement?!

WHY this Leadership bid for the NPP is important

In 2020, Francis Addai-Nimoh stated and continues to believe “More than ever before, given my home country’s overall circumstances, Ghana needs a practical, honest and capable leader to serve its nation of about thirty million citizens, as President”.

The main motivation in seeking to run for the highest office of the land with the New Patriotic Party ticket, remains the desire to enable every Ghanaian to be their very best. The 7 Achievable Objectives Program for this mandate is routed in this very motivation.

From Ghana’s political history since independence, particularly from the the Fourth Republic Constitutional Government onwards, our citizens appear to be at the crossroads in the selection of the next President at the December 2024 polls.

A familiar face known to Ghanaians that reflects the values of practical development
and socio-economic growth, driven by clear honest communication by walking the talk, and that presents the necessary capability to achieve results is what is needed at this conjuncture. “A New Face Serving All Ghanaians … Real Hope”. Thus, the conviction and courage
of Francis Addai-Nimoh in bringing good and efficient governance to the highest
office of the land that will foster growth for the benefit of all Ghanaians.

Core Leadership Values at the Helm with Francis Addai-Nimoh

o Genuinely caring and considerate listening

o Realistic assessment of key socio-economic challenges and opportunities

o Incorruptible transparency and accountability as a foundation of true democracy

o Visionary, while practical and conciliatory, in designing and implementing solutions                         that lead towards self-sufficiency

o Freedom, protection and respect for

human rights

food security democratic processes

youth empowerment
equal opportunity and growth for all Ghanaians the environment

the rule of law applied to all


For information, please contact:

Sulemana Issifu (Press Secretary)  WhatsApp (direct): +233243296543    Tel:   +44077868470

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