Malfunctioning Traffic Lights at Anyaa-Awoshie

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Traffic light malfunctioning at the Anyaa-Awoshie road has been an issue of concern to Ghanaians over a year.

In January 2019, the then Minister of Roads and Highways Amoako-Atta revealed that, the issue of traffic light failures will be a thing of the past the same year the promise was made.

However, the traffic lights mounted on the various busy roads in the country to help drivers and pedestrians use the road with ease and promote safety on the road is now a death trap due to its malfunction.  Many vehicular and pedestrian accident have been recorded with many fatalities due to traffic light failure.

Many pleas made to Government fell on deaf ears resulting in demonstrations by the residents of Awoshie last year.

Addressing the concerns of the angry residents, the Ablekuma North Municipal Chief Executive Mr Kofi Ofori commenced works on the traffic light but did not complete.

The residents, traders and pedestrians who ply the Awoshie highway are calling on the government and stakeholders to assist in fixing the traffic light to help save lives.

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