Letter To Kwame Nkrumah

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Ghanian politician Dr Kwame Nkrumah (1909-1972) the country’s first president, at a Commonwealth Conference. Original Publication: People Disc – HH0080 (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Dear Mr. President, my hero and master. It’s your birthday again. You would have been a hundred and three years today. Last night at the dinner table, my daughters were singing your name. Me and my household remember you with great fondness and longing. My children see your photo everyday to and from their bedroom. You are our hero. I took them on a drive on the Tema motorway this week. Showing them one of your many legacies to Ghana.

Like many, old and young, our hearts are heavy laden with pain, wishing you had been with us today, but more than anything, wishing your reign as the greatest President Ghana’s ever had had ruled our country a little longer.

We always pay dearly for chasing after what is cheap. They cowardly even burnt down any literature about you in the country you sacrificed your youth and life for. They thought they could obliterate your legacy and love from our hearts. How crazy of them to think a selfless and dedicated man like you is destructible.

The country you fought for is in a mess, trapped in a cycle of visionless leadership. The descendants of those who fought against our independence and committed the greatest sins against our country are in charge today. How Ghanaians soon forgot them and allowed this to happen is unbelievable. With the same old tricks and lies, they warmed their way into the People’s hearts. And the man they thought was our present day messiah has been a major disaster. I do not wish to disturb your solace with what you know already. The traitors and their descendants are no good. Happy birthday Sir.

We mourn the day those traitors and their Western sponsors rewound the clock of progress in Ghana and Africa, hoping that some day, from amongst us would emerge a great leader like you. You remain now and forevermore in our hearts till we meet again. Yours in the love of the African Liberation Struggle,

Ras Mubarak.

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