Kwaku Azar writes; The Judiciary must be commended

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Kwaku Azar writes

The Judiciary must be commended for initiating investigations into the rather serious allegation that a Supreme Court Justice attempted to bribe an MP in the case of electing the Speaker of the 8th Parliament.

This action is in line with our call for a thorough, independent investigation. No serious country allows such allegations to just hang out there.

An investigation is a neutral exercise aimed at finding the truth, protecting the innocent, exposing the guilty and falsehoods and building trust in our institutions. It should be welcome by all.

To add credibility to the investigation, I urge that the investigation should be done by an independent panel, similar to the Special Investigation Board set up to inquire into the murder of the 3 judges and the retired army officer.

SALL is the cardinal sin of the 8th Parliament. Not only is a quick remedy needed but also a full investigation is needed to find out how such a sin could be committed before our very eyes.

Da Yie!

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