Kwabena Agyepong outlines ‘redemption’ plan for Ghana

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A former General Secretary and presidential hopeful of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, has outlined his vision for a transformative approach to politics and governance in the country.

Soon after filing his nomination forms yesterday at the party’s headquarters in Asylum Down, Mr Agyepong declared that he is bringing on board an ambitious proposal for a ‘redemption mission’ aimed at creating a critical mass of public-spirited Ghanaians to fuel development.

He stressed the urgent need for a paradigm shift that would redefine the roles and responsibilities of those in power, emphasising the importance of public service and a deep commitment to the welfare of Ghanaians.

He noted that it is crucial to generate the momentum required to cause a seismic shift in the thinking and orientation of politicians, political appointees, civil servants, and all citizens regarding party politics and public service in Ghana.

Redemption mission

According to him, his redemption mission seeks to foster a sense of collective purpose, and instill a renewed sense of duty among politicians and public officials. He envisions a Ghana where leaders prioritize the interests of the nation above personal gain, demonstrating integrity, accountability and transparency in their actions.

The NPP flagbearer hopeful believes that the success of this redemption mission lies in the creation of a critical mass of public-spirited individuals who will actively participate in the political process and hold politicians and public servants accountable. He emphasised that the transformational change he envisions requires the involvement and dedication of all Ghanaians, transcending party lines and affiliations.

“We must accept that where we are today is not where we must be. We cannot mislead ourselves with excitable slogans that lead us nowhere. Ghana is really at a crossroads, and what the country needs urgently now is a NEW DAWN of astute political leadership with a vision that inspires hope in the youth and rekindles the faith of Ghanaians in our constitutional democracy,” he stated.

New Dawn

Highlighting the principles of his New Dawn, he explained that it hinges on a belief in small, lean government machinery that is efficient, effective, and primed to deliver to the aspirations and expectations of the Ghanaian people. He said it is also hinged on the enforcement of law, order and discipline, coupled with a drastic penalty regime to deter potential offenders, stressing that the law should work to stop corruption, protect individual and property rights.

“Ensuring compliance of regulations (Quality Control and Quality Assurance) in all aspects of our national life. The NEW DAWN also means a drastic reduction of the politicization of the civil and public services to restore meritocracy. It is time to bring an end to the wasteful seminars, workshops, forums, retreats and move into an implementation mode,” he added.

The former General Secretary of NPP added that the New Dawn would centre on cutting waste in the public sector by ensuring that there is value for money in public procurement. That, he indicated, would help in freeing vital resources to support economic empowerment of the youth through technical education, entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

“It also means extensive consultation with relevant stakeholders before major decisions/policies are taken by the government. I’ll be expanding on my vision of a New Dawn for Ghana at the official launch of my campaign on July 11, 2023,” he announced.


Mr Agyepong gave the assurance that he would restore the cherished values of service, sacrifice and selflessness back into the country’s body politic, stressing the need to instil authenticity, integrity, and substance on our political landscape.

Mr Agyepong explained that he is offering himself anchored in the belief that the NPP needs a leader who is intensely action-oriented, passionately mission-driven, very demanding of results and prepared to chase progress.

“In all humility, I am equipped to provide that sort of leadership that will restore the party as a genuinely united force that will make it possible for us to win the elusive third consecutive victory in 2024,” he stated.

Urging party delegates to consider his candidature, he said they have a responsibility to choose the next leader of the NPP with wisdom and forethought.

“To paraphrase Octavia Butler, ‘If you elect a poodle, you should be prepared to be led by unseen opportunists lurking in the shadows who control the poodle. If you elect an acquisitive person, then be prepared to have our precious resources plundered’,” he stated.

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