Israel still arrests 25 Palestinian journalists, says JSC

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The Journalist Support Committee (JSC) called for the release of 25 journalists and media professionals who have been sentenced to various sentences, including the journalist Bushra al-Tawil.

JSC said in a statement that it views with great danger the attempts to restrict freedom of media work through repeated campaigns of arrests of the Israeli forces against journalists and violation of the freedom of their professional work.

“Israel released the journalist Mujahid Al-Saadi from the city of Jenin yesterday evening, after 7 months in administrative detention. However, 25 journalists and media figures are still behind the bars of the Israeli prisons, whose human and journalistic rights are violated,” JSC added.


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Moreover, the committee affirmed the right of journalists to work freely and convey the true message of the situation in the Palestinian territories without intimidation, blackmail, confiscation, and preventing them from carrying out their role.

It called on humanitarian and human rights institutions to intervene to stop the detention policy and release all journalists and activists who are arrested by Israel politically without legal justification.

JSC also urged the UN Security Council to implement Resolution 2222 on providing protection for journalists and to hold Israel accountable for its violations against Palestinian media professionals.Source : Safa

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