I will blame National Security for the galamsey menance – Kojo Bonsu

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A presidential candidate hopeful of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kojo Bonsu, is blaming national security for the illegal mining (Galamsey) menace in the country.

Illegal mining operations (Galamsey) have recently led to considerable damage to our vegetation, land, and water bodies. Many academics have projected that Ghana may need to import water in the future.

According to Kojo Bonsu, the Galamsey is a serious national security problem.

“I believe this galamsey issue is national indiscipline. This is a serious national security problem, and I will blame national security for not handling this matter,” the former mayor lamented on Oyerepa Breakfast Time.

He explained that national security should be on top of it.

It could be recalled that President Akufo-Addo put his presidency on the line to fight the illegal mining canker.

In response to President Akufo-Addo’s pledge to combat galamsey, Mr Bonsu stated that national security has failed Nana Addo.

“If you are a president, you can’t go to every corner, but you should be able to have the intelligence to know what is going on. This is why I point the finger at national security.

The government can’t solve Galamsey’s issues if it takes better measures. The President has to deal with it. Galasemy is a disaster, indisciplined. It’s creating problems for all of us. If you’re a president and can’t solve the galamsey issues, then you have no business being a president. You should step down.” He told Kwesi Parker-Wilson, the host of the show.

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