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Trust is a priceless commodity which requires many years of honesty, sincerity coupled with consistency to build. Unfortunately, once trust is lost it seldomly regain its glory. President Akufo Addo has since lost his good records. The collapse of the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar is likely recoverable than the tattered credibility of President Akufo Addo. We sincerely cannot take him serious again for what he says following the under listed reasons.

President Akufo Addo while addressing a gathering at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Center stated that, he would readily hand over power when his term of office ends. He further mentioned that he do not intend to alter Ghana’s electoral laws to extend his term of office or interfere with the 2024 General Elections to favour any of the contesting political parties. To me, this sounds scary! I’m terrified and afraid for the future of this country.

I’m scared and terrified because, Nana Addo is noted for acting in the direct opposite to what he professes.

First it was, I won’t borrow to develop the country. Borrowing to develop a country smacks an incompetent leader who fails to think outside the box. These were the words of President Akufo Addo before and during the 2016 electioneering period. But today as I write this piece, He has borrowed over Gh¢230 billion ballooning Ghana’s public debt to Gh¢340 billion. He did the opposite!

President Nana Addo described Former President John Mahama as being insensitive to the plight of Ghanaians. This was because, Ghanaians were buying a 5-litre gallon of petrol at Gh¢16. Today, 5 years under his reign the same size of gallon of petrol is being sold for Gh¢35. Can we trust this person?

This same man Nana Addo and his hitherto economic messiah Veep promised Ghanaians to vigorously fight the age long canker of corruption. “I will protect the Public Purse, if you want to make money, go to the private sector but not in my government”. These were the words of holier than thou President Akufo Addo. In sharp contrast, a fullscap notebook cannot contain the list of scandalous deals orchestrated by close relatives and friends of Nana Addo. Per the auditor generals report, Ghana lost whooping Gh¢12 billion through financial irregularities(corrupt activities) in 2020 alone. This certainly cannot be pleasant record! This is record high and has only occured under Akufo Addo. But he promised to protect the public purse! Rather he has opted to hire the Most Expensive Private Jet for his travels. This man simply cannot hold to his words.

Lest I forget about the almighty E-levy which I know will not see light of the day. I know so because I was in parliament with Hon Haruna Iddrisu and his team as leaders of our side. They won’t disappoint Ghanaians. Now back to the issue, He president Akufo Addo promised and same was trumpeted everywhere that, he would move the country from taxation to production. So where from this draconian E-levy? Or E-levy is part of the production that they promised?

Last but not least, this same man President Akufo Addo and his comedian Vice President Dr Bawumia trumpeted how they were better helpers of farmers. Little did we know that they infact were coming to worsen the plight of farmers. Imagine that Cocoa farmer who could buy 30 gallons of petrol from proceeds of a bag of Cocoa under John Mahama in 2016 can now buy only 19 gallons today from the same bag of Cocoa under President Nana Addo. Sorry Mr farmer, your vote unfortunately has not helped you. Now under Akufo Addo, a municipal best farmer is given a bicycle as award, how shameful!

President Nana Addo promised 350 Senior High Schools to be built from scratch. Five years down the line he has Zero to show. He promised over 800 new hospitals, the output is also Zero. Free SHS, it has become Free of Knowledge Schools.

Ok, having said these, I will call on my party NDC not to sleep with both eyes closed because of the insincere promise made by Akufo Addo. By saying that he doesn’t intend to temper a peaceful process of the 2024 elections truly means that, he is equipping his people with everything they would need and also turning the knots towards rigging the 2024 elections as they did in 2020. He acts directly opposite to what he says remember!

Hon Kwasi Etu Bonde
Former MP
Kintampo North Constituency.

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