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I wish to extend my warm congratulations to all and sundry who got elected as regional executives in the great NDC party over the weekend. This peaceful election excersice is a true testament to the fact that as a party we continue to uphold the virtues and principles of true democracy and the struggling Ghanaian voter is desperately seeking upright men and women to serve Ghana with honesty and accountability.

The results of our regional contest must be accepted and celebrated even though it would be disappointing for those that didn’t make the selection, we should All console ourselves that the great NDC party remains the ultimate victor in the end.

Whichever way the election might have ended, I believe everyone had some few lessons, new ideas, strategies and concepts to contribute to our forward drive. On the balance of good, better and best, neither the winner nor the loser weighs heavier or lighter, it was a great platform to learn, regardless.

Now that the contest is over, we need to hold each other’s hands in unity and stand together in strength for a united front towards victory in 2024.

As we await the National Congress, may we be guided by what unites us and work to avoid what divides us. We must remind ourselves of the exemplary leadership qualities of our past Presidents and align ourselves serve this nation as they did. We must further deepen the social democratic credentials of the party and remind Ghanaians that a better level of public service is possible with the NDC in power.

Thank you.

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