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  • Hon. Ken is a Founding member of then US based Danquah-Busia club formed in 1991.
  • NPP was formed in 1992 through Danquah-Busia club.
  • In 1992 at age 32, Hon. Ken and his business partner sponsored NPP with 3million dollars loan facility they took from Cal bank with 8years payment plan.
  • Hon. Ken in 1992 personally gave the then NPP flagbearer, Prof. Adu Boahen 300.000 dollars for his campaign.
  • He donated Pickups to NPP in previous election years as follows:

1996 – 15 pickups

2000 – 50 pickups

2004 – 100 pickups

2008 – 245 Tata Pickups, 77 Russian Trucks.

~ 2008 – He again gave out 2million dollars which enabled the party to embark on Presidential runoff.

  • 2012 – He guaranteed for a 2million dollars loan the party took from a Chinese busineds person. He has to personally settle the loan when NPP lost the election
  • 2014 – Single handedly, Hon. Ken sponsored NPP for the Tamale Congress after then General Secretary, late Sir John issued letters to all regional chairmen stating NPP’s inability for the National Congress because of financial challenges.
  • In 2016 Hon. Ken Ohene Agyapong personally paid for 120 out of 240 pickups he purchased from USA for the party.


  • 2016 – Again, Hon. Ken donated Eleven (11) 20footer containers of Used Clothes which were distributed to the electorates
  • 2021 – NPP is enjoying majority of Ghana’s 8th Parliament because of Hon. Ken’s magical works upon a serious demand from Hon. Asiamah as Independent MP. The MP was a decider for the party to become majority in parliament but after consultation he demanded for his chairman Mr Akwasi Nti’s resignation before he joins NPP to form majority since both sides were 137-137. Hon. Ken paid 1million out of 1.5 million bank loan Mr Nti had taken before he resigned for the Independent MP to joined NPP to form the majority we have today.
  • Hon. Ken has sponsored and donated to most MPs – past and current.


  • Hon. Ken is building a 6million dollars cardio and dialysis center at 37 Millitary hospital.
  • Additionally he has sponsored 11 Ghanaian medical soldiers to India who are specializing purposely for the facility.
  • Hon. Ken has donated to the Ghana Armed Forces his five (5) fish ponds 1km each stretch at Atwima Kwanwoma to feed them.
  • Hon. Ken paid 143,000 dollars for servicing of a Cancer Medical Machine at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) to start functioning again
  • Hon. Ken is the only politician who donated 1million dollars Hospital Beds and PPEs as token to support government in the heated era of COVID-19.
  • Hon. Ken is the only politician who has donated 1000 KV plant to Tamale Teaching Hospital in the era of DUMSOR when medical practitioners were using Touch Lights during operations (surgery)
  • Hon. Ken has the biggest Cold Store in Africa built in Ghana, serving Ghanaians and has employed many Ghanaians too.
  • Hon. Ken is establishing in Ghana here, the Largest Steel Factory in Africa and the company will serve Ghanaians especially with over 1,000 employment.
  • Hon. Ken has established Starch Processing factory at Atebubu-Amanteng serving Ghanaians.
  • The critical thinker Hon. Ken currently pays over 7000 workers and his employees shall hit 10,000 by 2024.
  • Hon. Ken rescued Abraham Atta of ‘Beasts of No Nation’ movie from the street, paid for his school fees and now glory be to God Abraham is an International Movie Star.
    NOTE: There are lots of Ghanaians he has and still paying fees for like that of Abraham Atta
  • Hon. Ken has promised to take educational responsibility of a younger brother of the young soldier who got murdered in Ashiaman. Nonetheless, Hon. Ken has donated 20,000 Ghc to the late soldier’s mum to run business with.
  • Hon. Ken paid 400,000 dollars to rescue 1,000 Ghanaian women who got stranded in Lebanon to Ghana.
  • Hon. Ken is the only politician who supported the people of Ashiaman when they were overtook by a heavy downpour in 2002.
  • 2023 – Hon. Ken has supported the conflict area in Upper East Region with 500 bags of 50kg Rice and Boxes of Oil and still do more.
  • Hon. Ken has supported many Ghanaians and foreigners in cretical areas of education, health, business, traveling, etc and still doing so.

Indeed Hon. Ken has served NPP and mother Ghana well with Patriotism and Passion. The time is now for pragmatic approach to growth. The right person, at the right time, for the right reasons.








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