Ghana Started Vaccinating RTSS Anti malaria Vaccines Since April 30, 2019

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Ghana already had started vaccinating the RTSS anti malaria vaccines to children under 5 years (between 5 months to 5 years) in the EPI program since April 30, 2019 and has shown great success in the reduction of the incidences of malaria cases in that year group. Ghana started in 7 regions of Borno, Borno East, Ahafo, Oti, Volta, Central and the Upper East and plans to expand to other regions. Indeed this effort has helped to reduce mortality due to malaria significantly.

In addition to that it is also advised not to abandon the traditional way of preventing mosquito bites etc.

this new vaccine R21 had been tried and has gone through all the stages to test efficacy in several countries including Burkina Faso, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana. The FDA had no hesitation in approving its use after going through its own thorough checks.

Sometimes, we are tempted to think that those who work with WHO came from heaven. No, they don’t!
Our Neguchi has such specialists to do these same tests to help save a situation. We often tend to demonize our capabilities while thinking WHO staff came from Heaven.

We must embrace this new development and move on to save lives.

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