El Salvador Launches Innovative Passport Scheme to Attract Global Talent

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In a bid to bolster its intellectual capital and foster a diverse community of experts, El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele has unveiled a pioneering initiative.

Under this program, the country will offer 5,000 free passports to highly skilled professionals across various fields including science, engineering, medicine, art, and philosophy.

Valued at an impressive $5 billion, this initiative represents a significant investment in attracting global talent to the Central American nation.

President Bukele, known for his bold policies and efforts to combat corruption and crime, views this move as a strategic step towards enhancing El Salvador’s societal development and future trajectory.

The program promises a welcoming environment for talented individuals and their families, offering incentives such as zero percent taxes and duties on relocation, including assets and commercial items.

This initiative aligns with recent reforms aimed at attracting foreign investment and underscores El Salvador’s commitment to becoming a hub for talent and innovation.

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