COVID-19: Cuba in talks with Ghana for supply of ‘Sovereign 02’ vaccines

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The Ambassador of Cuba to Ghana,  Pedro Luis González Despaigne has stated that the Republic of Cuba will not hesitate to share its candidate, Sovereign 02 vaccine with Ghana to help in the Country’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, disclosing that talks have started to explore a possibility of making doses available for the Ghanaian population.

Cuba remains the first candidate from Latin America and the Caribbean to put its vaccine into the clinical phase while awaiting approval from the World Health Organisation.

Sovereign 02 has already been pre-qualified by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) for admission 0to the Rotary Foundation, which will facilitate access to timely and inexpensive vaccines.

Speaking in an interview with Harriet Nartey on Diplomatic affairs program on Pan African Television, Saturday, January 23, 2020, Mr. Pedro Luis González Despaigne explained that his country has an ambitious target of vaccinate its entire citizenry against the disease by producing over 11 million doses.

When asked if the country will collaborate with other international efforts targeted at providing accessible vaccines for developing countries such as Ghana, the ambassador indicated that “it doesn’t matter from where the vaccine is going to come but to defeat this common enemy that is killing us. We are talking about more than 2 million people that unfortunately have died because of this virus and more than nine to seven million people in this world affected by this COVID-19. So what we can do is to try to discover a vaccine”.

The Ambassador further disclosed that “I can tell you that for sure, we have just started some a conversation with the Ghanaian side to see how possible according to the Ghanaian interest and possibility and if we discover the vaccine, the vaccine to be here in Ghana to be applied for the Ghanaian population”.

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