Bright Simmons Reveals

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The Auditor General of Ghana has published results of its audit into the use of COVID funds in Ghana. As usual, I find that of those matters I know well, it barely scratches the surface. But even this shallow effort reveals shocking administrative incompetence.
$2.5bn+ (21bn GHS) was mobilised but only ~25% was spent directly on the health, social relief & security issues created by COVID. Majority of the funds went to general govt programs like Free SHS, LEAP etc. Only 3.5% of spending went through GIFMIS, the govt accounting system.
Free water & electricity cost ~$250m; nearly $50m (~600m GHS) still unpaid. $80m paid in advance for vaccines but no delivery. More than 22m GHS for water bought from private water distributors cannot be accounted for. Virtually all hot food suppliers issued no receipts. Etc

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