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Press statement on the political crisis currently facing South Africa.

Date: 12 July 2021

No future under a subordinate regime, No future under the ANC regime, Foward to the Struggle for true Black Majority Rule!

South Africa has entered a period of accelerated instability, uncertainty, and turbulence on a national scale which has been brewing and for sometime. The crisis of the system based on private ownership of the means of production and grinding exploitation of labour by capital is having a disastrous impact on the lives of the Black majority. The market friendly capitalist policies of the ANC are plunging the country to its deepest crisis ever, leaving a trail of destruction at its wake.

Events are moving at a break-neck speed. The sharp and sudden turns in the situation is to be expected, however, there will be no turn for the better because that’s how the system is designed and that is how it functions. Turmoil and instability are the order of the day. We are in the midst of the most tumultuous period in the history of the class and national struggle in our country. There is no “going back” to the previous period, as some desire. The old “normal” is gone and we have entered a “new normal” as that much is fully appreciated even by the ruling oligarchy.

The fundamental reason for this is that capitalism has reached a dead end, a crisis as it so often does. As Marx explained, once a social system can no longer develop the productive forces in the way it once did, that system enters into a revolutionary crisis, which either leads to its overthrow or to the total ruin of that society. There are two roads facing humanity: a socialist revolution or increasing barbarism.

The capitalist system is completely incapable of providing people with a decent standard of living. It is a monstrously oppressive system that enriches a tiny minority of capitalists and crushes the majority of ordinary people into a perpetual cycle of poverty. The only way forward for the working class and the oppressed is to overthrow this system. We need a revolution!

All the elements we see today are not a new thing but are consistent with a system that uses whatever is possible to extract maximum profit out the workers. The instruments towards that end might include racism, tribalism and ethnicity as it is the case in our situation today.

We reject the use of workers and the Black majority in factional and private organizational wars of the ruling party.

We reject the militarization of our country and the deployment of military personnel in the townships and other residential areas.

At all time and under all circumstances, Black people and the black working class deserve much better.

For more information contact:

President Lybon Tiyani Mabasa
Secrerary General Thami Hukwe
Media & Communications Mandla Sishi

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