Are you ‘observing how the president continues to pack our courts with partisan judges?’ – NDC replies Justice Douse

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Retired Court of Appeal Judge Justice Isaac Douse

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has replied retired Court of Appeal Judge, Justice Isaac Douse, for saying that ex-President John Dramani Mahama’s comment on the judiciary is a threat to Ghana’s democracy.

According to the party, Mahama’s view that the image of Ghana’s judiciary has deteriorated, is shared by many and studies conducted by research agencies in the country have indicated the decline.

The party added that rather than faulting Mahama for his views, Justice Douse should be speaking about the wrong happenings in the judiciary, reports.

“There is sufficient evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, available to prove that citizens’ trust in the judiciary which also includes the Supreme Court is on a gradual decline,” a statement issued by NDC General Secretary, Asiedu Nketiah said.

“Is Justice Douse observing how the president continues to pack our courts with partisan judges? As an experienced jurist, does he fully appreciate the implications of such acts on justice delivery and for that matter the image of the judiciary and its independence? If so, has he made any comments about it?” the NDC questioned.

The Party added that Mahama as a citizen of Ghana and a former president of the country has every right to comment happening in the country.

“We wish to state that the judiciary should take the advice of HE John Mahama seriously and reflect on it each time it is called upon to do its work.”

Addressing a conference of NDC lawyers last weekend, the former president lamented the fact that the judiciary has now become the butt of jokes, as a result of its biased rulings and decisions on cases with a political tinge.

He observed that the country’s judiciary is “broken” under the leadership of Justice Anin-Yeboah, and hoped that a “new Chief Justice” will lead an image-cleansing crusade in the future, since, in his view, the current Chief Justice cannot lead such a process.

But responding to Mahama’s comments Justice Isaac Douse, warned the former president not to drag the image of the Supreme court in the mud because such an act can be a threat to the country’s democracy, and will not only affect the apex court but every Ghanaian as well.

“The constitution the way it is made, will make it very difficult for any new government to reshuffle the supreme court as it is.

“I’ll caution the ex-president to be very careful about some of these things because if an attempt is made to demolish the supreme court because of one or two cases, it can be a very big disaster for our democracy. Democracy depends on the efficiency and respect and the trust people have in the Supreme Court,” he warned.

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