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Mr. Manaseh Nomotey

In the late 2020, Mr. Manaseh Nomotey become publicly known as Bi-sexual which almost all the community here in Ghana are against.

The life of Mr. Nomotey change with victimization as well his family life both in the community and school become nothing to wrote home about.

Our life consistently experienced cruel discrimination, victimization, stigmatization and vilification to say the least to the detriment of my immediate family, Mr. Nomotey narrates as he shed tears.

As part of my plans to avoid being attack, I have to leave home with the kids and my wife as early as 4am and return back home as late as 12mjd night, Mr. Nomotey said.

With the recent attacks on the LGTB+, it is not safe to show your sexual preference and since the community notice this, they target Mr. Nomotey and his family.

Mr. Nomotey and his family left the community to seek a heaven safe for himself and the family.

The tears I shed every night for not allowing to be free on what I chose as a grown man. Every night, I was the fears in my family eyes, then I become more frighten that something will happen to them, I don’t regret my feelings but I feel sorry for my family, Mr. Nomotey tells the interviewer.

He recount the ordeal he went through which nearly saw him being lynch.

In fact on the 10th March, 2023 around 9pm (GMT), I was nearly lynched by some thugs, if not for the timely intervention of some police officers on a night patrol in my area who fired a warning shoot to have them dispersed. Mr. Nomotey narrates.

Many alleged LGTB+ across the country have fled their homes in the fears of being lynch and being attack.

I want to leave this country. I don’t know where I am going but I really want to leave this country.

A country where law cannot safe it citizens because I have sexual preference. This is not a country I want to raise my family, a country where you can never have justice because society is against your preference, I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be here. No. No. No. Mr. Nomotey cry as he shared his last words to us.

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