13 Unprofessional Acts Released by GES Subject to Interdiction

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The Ghana Education Service headed by Prof. Kwasi Opoku Amankwah has outline some regulations teachers should go by in order to be sanctioned by the service.

The Developments include:

Unprofessional Acts in Ghana Education Service.

Firstly, Making and receiving phone calls during instructional hours. Making Calls is prohibited by the Service dating classes hours, that is if the teacher has a lesson, this distracts lessons and makes teaching and learning unproductive.

Secondly, Giving punishment that deprives learners from taking part in lessons. The Service is against teachers subjecting students to punishments during classes hours when they should be learning, that can be done after classes hours.

Also, Boycotting lesson due to a student’s misbehaviour, The Service has kicked against a teacher boycotting lessons due to the attitude of a student, this according to the profession deprives other students of the opportunity to learn.

In addition to that, Allowing students to mark attendance register. Students should not be seen marking a school’s register because such students can influence or manipulate the attendance thereby putting some staff in trouble when a problem arises.

Furthermore, Giving textbook to students to copy on the board for their colleagues. This development according to GES makes teaching and learning counterproductive.

Also, Reading contents verbatim from textbook to pupils. Not All students can write at a reasonable speed or spell very well, for this reasons, students are likely to jot down notes full of errors.

To add to that, Sending pupils to work for you during instructional hours. Sending students to work for you is tantamount to child labor which is illegal in the constitution, you don’t do that because you went through that, your days are not today.

Also, Giving items to your pupils to sell in the school for you. This still has something to do with child labor and should not be practiced in schools.

Furthermore, Taking in alcohol before coming to school. When one takes alcohol, the smell puts some students off, secondly some students per their religious background detest it and this pushes students to criticize rather than focusing on studies.

Engaging in unhealthy relationship with your students. When a student plays or toils with female students, they tend to feel the teacher is a sex maniac and as a result misbehave when classes are going on because they know they have control of the teacher, the students also talk ill of that teacher to others and as a result, they don’t take what such a teacher does in school seriously.

To add to that, Working lotto or betting during instructional hours, this development steals most of the instructional hours depriving students of the needed academic information they need to compete effectively.

Also, Discriminating against a student due to personal reasons. Be it misbehavior, tribal, religious or political affiliation. This projects one as selective and tribal bigot.

Furthermore, Quarrelling /Fighting with students or colleagues. It doesn’t show maturity. It reduces one’s charisma at the workplace.

Lastly, Unnecessary borrowing from students and colleagues. This development keeps a question mark on your attitude and management skills as an educationist.

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